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Accidents Involving Amazon Delivery Vans

Accidents Involving Amazon Delivery Vans

The popularity of Amazon has increased significantly in recent years. Online shoppers love the massive retailer for its affordable products and rapid delivery. Many may not consider how many delivery vans it takes to keep up with orders countrywide. The increase in delivery vans means more opportunities for traffic incidents. Unfortunately, many delivery drivers also speed or make careless maneuvers to keep up with Amazon’s high expectations, further contributing to the risk of accidents involving Amazon delivery vans. Call (914) 752-7746 to speak with a New York personal injury lawyer at Stufano Law and learn more about crashes with Amazon delivery vans.

Are Amazon Drivers Liable for Accidents?

When Amazon drivers cause accidents through carelessness, individuals involved in the accidents who have suffered injuries or property damages as a result may have legal options for pursuing compensation to cover the costs of medical treatment or repairs. The circumstances of the collision will likely play a significant role in determining the most appropriate route to take in seeking compensation. 

How Commercial Auto Insurance Policies May Impact Your Claim

The insurance situation of the Amazon driver and vehicle involved in the crash may prove to be a relevant factor. Even within the limited scope of delivery services superintended through Amazon rather than through an independent carrier (e.g., FedEx or UPS), insurance requirements and liability considerations differ for Amazon Flex drivers vs. Amazon Prime semi-trucks and delivery vans. Understanding some of these differences can help accident victims to make informed decisions regarding the optimal path to choose in pursuing their accident claims.

Amazon Flex Insurance Coverage

Amazon Flex auto insurance coverage may pay for damages when a driver has their Flex driver smartphone application turned on and they are transporting goods to make deliveries to customers. Amazon Flex drivers are covered under their personal auto insurance policies under most non-delivery circumstances. However, Amazon Flex explains that special conditions may apply in New York, where drivers may need to carry additional commercial auto insurance coverage. When drivers traveling in the company van are not currently making deliveries, their personal insurance policy will instead be responsible for covering the damages incurred in the crash. 

  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage protecting the vehicle for up to $50,000 in damages after paying a $1,000 deductible 
  • Liability coverage provides up to $1 million for bodily harm and property damage per accident
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage protects Flex drivers from suffering monetary losses for bodily injuries and property damage when the at-fault motorist does not have an auto insurance policy or carries inadequate coverage 

Compensation From Liable Driver’s Auto Insurance

Parties injured in accidents involving Amazon delivery vans may be able to receive compensation for damages through reaching a settlement agreement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. According to the American Bar Association, a settlement is an agreement reached between the insurance company and the party seeking damages. Some claims are only resolved with a lawsuit when a judge or jury awards damages after hearing evidence presented by both sides, but many commercial auto insurance claims are resolved with a settlement without ever going to trial. During a consultation, a personal injury attorney at Stufano Law might be able to answer specific questions about recoverable damages and how to obtain them after a crash with Amazon delivery vans. 

Common Amazon Delivery Van Vehicle Collision Causes 

Amazon’s delivery drivers provide fast and reliable service of merchandise and products nearly 364 days a year. Unfortunately, the uptick in orders and the number of drivers needed to fill them also increases the number of traffic incidents. Some common causes include the following:

  • Driving over the speed limit or too fast during poor weather conditions when the roads are slippery 
  • Distracted driving, including talking on the phone or using the Amazon driver application on their smartphone  
  • Recklessness, such as tailgating and making abrupt lane changes and other maneuvers 
  • Failing to stop at red lights or in intersections at stop signs 
  • Failure to give the right-of-way to other drivers, pedestrians, or bicycle riders as required by traffic laws
  • Lack of proper vehicle maintenance
  • Defective vehicle parts, such as tires or brakes 

From the beginning of their shift until they clock out, Amazon delivery drivers are always in a hurry, making accidents likely. 

What Should Motorists Do After a Car Accident With an Amazon Driver?

Amazon truck delivery accident cases are complex and could involve multiple insurance agencies. Understanding the steps to take after a collision may help drivers to safeguard themselves from losses. Taking the necessary steps after an accident with a delivery driver will help ensure the recovery claims process goes smoothly, and help motorists to collect a fair settlement. 

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims under the Consolidated Laws of New York is three years; since many claimants will need the funds from a delivery truck accident to cover the costs of medical care and vehicle repairs or replacements, however, it is a good idea to act promptly and to collect as much as information as possible immediately after the accident – even if you are not sure you will need to pursue a claim aggressively. The steps to take include the following:  

Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

Reporting the accident to law enforcement is the first and most vital step to take after accidents with Amazon delivery drivers. The officers will typically investigate to determine the cause and the liable party. They will also complete an accident report that the injured party can submit during the insurance claims process to prove fault and corroborate their own account of the damages they sustained. 

Collect Evidence at the Scene and Exchange Information 

When a vehicle crash is severe, and the motorist suffers severe injuries, they may not have the ability to collect evidence while on the scene. However, the motorist should take photos, witness statements with contact information, and any other available evidence if they can. They should also exchange contact and insurance information with the delivery driver and other motorists involved in the collision. 

Seek Medical Attention 

Seeking medical attention after any accident is crucial, even when the injuries seem minor. Some injuries, such as brain, neck, or spinal cord damage, may not be evidence immediately. Further, accidents often cause a powerful rush of adrenaline, and the individual may not realize they suffered bodily harm until later that evening or the next day. Therefore, seeking treatment from a medical professional is essential. Documenting medical treatment can also prove helpful in recovering damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. When motorists fail to see a doctor, the insurance agency may assert the injuries were not from the accident with their customer.

Call aPersonal Injury Lawyer Today for Help With Your Case 

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, primarily because it promises quick, dependable, and affordable delivery of products. While the company did not invent online shopping, it revolutionized the landscape and drastically changed how people shop worldwide. Unfortunately, the quick and convenient delivery promise has also increased the risk factors for traffic accidents on New York roadways. Not only are there more delivery drivers, but they are also trying to keep up with stressful deadlines to complete their routes as required to maintain employment. You could be eligible for compensation if a negligent delivery driver caused an avoidable crash and you suffered injuries and losses. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer at Stufano Law by calling (914) 752-7746 for legal advice and guidance regarding accidents with Amazon delivery vans.


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